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What is the story?

We as Good Coffee Roasting Co. have adopted the principle of producing unique coffees for a better life for you. With a passionate and attentive team that takes their job seriously, we aim to design unique experiences by reinterpreting the experience we gained from the rich food and beverage culture of Melbourne between 2017 - 2020. We are in pursuit of being a product and service provider, following the entire supply process, respecting the nature and the natural, with a planned, sustainable and ethical production model with a clear source and in the most transparent way possible. To the coffee, to us; We are grateful as it is a product with a depth that will allow us to do works involving labor, intelligence and craft.



Beautiful Fruit

Most of us are not aware that coffee is essentially a fruit. This is because, traditionally, all the processes leading up to the meeting of coffee with the cup, such as the processing method, were carried out uniformly without much emphasis. As a result, coffee had been established in the consumer's mind as an unremarkable companion to conversations, or as a ritual for waking up and starting the day, often associated with bitter, dry, and closed flavors. Fortunately, some of us have now realized the profound potential within the seeds of this magical fruit and have embarked on spreading this awareness. Thanks to this, with every sip we take, we can witness the unique differences that various factors, from the genetic makeup of each coffee bean to the soil it was grown in, the altitude it was cultivated at, the processing method, and many more variables, contribute to its aromatic and taste profile.