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Uniting for Peace Supporting Ukraine in Times of Crisis

Symbol design


In response to the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, I felt compelled to contribute to the cause of peace and solidarity. As a designer, I harnessed the power of visual communication to create a series of minimal posters that aim to support Ukrainian citizens and promote a message of peace, unity, and hope. Drawing inspiration from Ukraine's national flag and emblem, each poster features a distinct symbol that represents the collective desire for an end to the war and a brighter future for Ukraine.


The Outstretched Hand of Hope
The second poster depicts an outstretched hand emerging from infinity, symbolizing the infinite potential for reconciliation and peace. The hand, shaded in grain and holding a yellow "No War" note, signifies the strength and determination of the Ukrainian people to halt the devastating cycle of violence. The vibrant yellow color invokes a sense of urgency and attention, encouraging viewers to join hands and unite against the war.


The White Pigeon of Peace
The first poster captures the essence of peace with the image of a white pigeon. Symbolizing purity and tranquility, the pigeon holds a powerful message in its beak: "No War." Placed against the backdrop of the Ukrainian flag, the pigeon signifies the collective longing for peace, urging all parties involved to prioritize dialogue and understanding over conflict. The subtle grain shading adds depth and texture, conveying the importance and seriousness of the message.


The Peace Reimagined
The final poster presents a reinterpretation of the iconic peace symbol. Maintaining simplicity, the peace symbol is rendered in my my style, highlighting the interconnectedness of various elements within Ukraine's struggle. The white shade with grain texture adds a sense of authenticity, paying homage to the resilience of the Ukrainian people. This symbol serves as a unifying emblem, reminding viewers of the urgent need to stand together for peace and solidarity.

Through this series of minimal posters, I aimed to lend my creative voice to the cause of supporting Ukraine during these challenging times. By incorporating the Ukrainian flag colors and emblem as a visual anchor, each poster combines symbolism and aesthetics to convey a strong message of peace, hope, and unity. By sharing these designs, I hope to inspire empathy, awareness, and action among viewers, encouraging them to stand in solidarity with Ukraine and contribute to the global pursuit of lasting peace.